Neat Lines is a Web Design and Development firm founded by Brian and Dakota.

When Brian moved to Colorado, he noticed that many outdoor recreation businesses had sub par websites. Knowing that typically guides, outfitters, and independent camps start their business to escape the pressures of modern technology, Brian and Dakota set out to help.

Neat Lines is here to eliminate frustration with DIY solutions and save outfitters time. We believe that you should stop working on your website, and let us make your website work for you.

Neat Lines delivers a site that promises to do three things:
- Attract more visitors to your site
- Save you time
- Make you money

If you aren’t getting those things from your current site, drop us a line.

In addition to professional web developers, Neat Lines is an outdoors company at heart. Read our story to see the history of the company. What this means for our clients is an understanding of their business. Neat Lines empathizes with the issues facing the outdoor recreation industry. We are uniquely qualified to inject technology into your business in ways that will allow you to keep your focus on providing the best experience for your clients.